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Thursday, 16 August 2007

Parental Complacency

It would appear that not only are we living in an apathy epidemic but also a parental complacency epidemic. When did we become so complacent with the very things that we should hold most dear to us? Are children so unimportant to so many people or are we all wallowing in our own stupidity? I often wonder if my own experiences have made me the type of parent I am. I don't trust other people with my children and I certainly don't let them play alone outside the house. They do not use public toilets alone and are never, ever left unattended anywhere. I find it hard to believe that it takes having experienced what can and often does happen to children to be aware of the dangers that are out there. Surely people don't think that kidnappers and paedophiles are the stuff of horror movies and far away news stories? Perhaps I am mistaken. This is not the first time I have written an article on this topic and I doubt it will be the last.

In August last year I wrote this article about a four year old boy who was tied up and beaten with a brick whilst out playing on the streets alone. Two days later I wrote this article about the attempted abduction of two girls aged five and six whilst they were playing out alone.

In the last few months in my local area alone two children have wandered out of their nursery unnoticed, one three year old has drowned whilst playing out alone and another three year old has been strangled again whilst playing out alone. Another young child has wandered out of her home and been returned by the transport police after being found playing next to the railway. I am truly dumbfounded by these stories.

Is it our increasingly detached 'modern' parenting that is to blame? Are we so afraid of mollycoddling and smothering our children that we go to the extreme opposites and neglect our children's safety in the name of 'getting it right'?

Perhaps we are all in denial, assuming that 'it won't happen to us'.

I am constantly left wondering when people are going to wake up and smell the coffee. The world we live in is *not* safe to let children wander freely. I so dearly wish that parents would stop and take a moment to consider whether the risk they are about to take is worth the potential consequenses. Is their child's safety worth whatever it is the parent is risking it for? Please people, wake up.

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